About Me

Hi, I'm Karen Harrington.  I have been practicing massage in the state of Washington since 2003 after attending Pt Townsend Massage school.   I had a home base massage practice called The Healing Hilltop in my log cabin in Seabeck until 2017.  At which time I joined Island Fitness on Bainbridge Island as a massage therapist for their members until 2020 where I introduced the kansa wand to my clients.  

Now in January of 2022, I am joining the Sound Mind and Body Healing Institute to provide massage therapy as well as Reiki and Chakra Balancing. 

In my massages, I use kansa wands to melt the muscles & tuning forks to aid in the unwinding of tight muscles.   

In the Chakra Balancing, Solfeggio tuning forks and chakra crystals are implemented to aid the energy centers unwind from the stresses of Life.

Since childhood, I was the one to come to the aid of family and friends when they were experiencing muscle aches.  Then I perceived the muscles as if they were the rubber band in those toy airplanes that were wound up so tightly that they flew around the room.  I learned how to reach into the muscle and find the spot that hurt.